UK Airport Parking

One of the most popular modes for getting to the airport in the UK is by car. As a result, airport parking has become a key earner for airports, after landing fees and retail business. In some cases, for example, when airports cater to low-cost airlines, the importance of airport parking is even more important.

To attract as many customers as possible, airports aim to offer a variety of parking options, meeting different needs. The large majority of airports provide at least Short Stay and Long Stay Parking and many now offer a Meet and Greet service.

Short Stay Parking

Used for Pick Up and Drop Off and business and leisure travellers going away for a short period of time (e.g., 2 days). Short stay car parks are typically located next to the terminal building, so there’s no need for customers to take a transfer service. There’s not normally a restriction on the number of days you can use short stay parking, but it can be expensive for longer stays.

Mid Stay Parking

Mid stay is available at some airports; for example, Luton Airport. The main benefit to the customer is the transfer time to the airport and the location in respect of the terminals. Once again there is no restriction on how long or short your stay needs to be. In fact, it is cheaper to use these car parks if travelling on a short break and on a budget.

Long Stay Parking

Long stay is for travellers going away for more than a week. Long Stay is normally the cheapest of the airport parking options. Long Stay car parks are typically further away from the airport terminal than the other options, so you will need to use the airport’s transfer service between car park and airport.

Meet and Greet Parking

This type of parking started as premier service for business professionals and travellers looking for a reliable and convenient parking service. In terms of convenience, meet and greet parking saves you from having to find a space for your car and use a transfer service. It’s become the preferred parking method for all travellers, including families.


Apple Booking Company, now known as Holiday Extras, introduced pre-booking over 25 years ago. The service allows customers to book a guaranteed space normally at a discounted price. The service was used by many of the off airport property operators but is now available at all UK airports. Pre-booking allows customers to compare the parking options available and then reserve a space. Airports and booking agencies offer a discount to customers who book in advance as it allows them to manage and yield their spaces.