How do I get from the car park to the terminal at the Airport?

It depends on what type of car park you book. The majority of ‘On’ and ‘Off’ car parks will require a transfer, accept in the case of ‘Short Stay’ car parks that are typically next to the terminal buildings. If you book a ‘Meet and Greet’ service you will be met at the terminal, so there’s no need to use a transfer service. Transfers services are free of charge to use.

Are the car parks secure?

All the car parks featured on Parking-Discounts.com are independently checked for security. Clearly some are better than others. Car parks understand this is probably the most important factor excluding price and therefore make every effort to make sure your vehicle is kept secure.

Are the car parks open 24 hours a day?

Car parks operate around the opening hours of the airport, so there’s no worry in arriving or returning to the airport and the car park not being open. Many car parks take your flight details so will be fully aware of your arrival or return and will make the necessary operational requirements for you.

What is the benefit of pre-booking airport parking?

There are two benefits the main one being the saving you can make by booking in advance. Car parks manage their space similar to a low cost airline manages their seats. Therefore the earlier you book the cheaper the price. As you get closer to your departure date the price will increase until the car park maximises the price for the last few spaces. The other reason for booking is to guarantee a space in your chosen car park.

Can I still book parking if I’m travelling tomorrow?

In some cases it’s possible to book for the next day, but you may not get a space in your chosen car park and you will be paying a premium. However, you won’t pay more than the turn up price. So booking will save you time on arrival and return as you won’t need to use the payment machines.

How do I find the car park when I get to the airport?

Not a problem, once you’ve completed a booking you will be sent an email confirmation with detailed directions and instructions on what to do when you arrive. For ‘Meet and Greet’ bookings you simply head to the airport terminal, but you may need to phone the car park on route to confirm your arrival time.

Do I have to leave my car keys with the car park?

It depends on the type of car park you book. The majority of Off airport car parks and clearly ‘Meet and Greet’ car parks will require your keys. Check the ‘more information’ section once you get a quote for further information on your chosen car park.

How do I contact Airport Parking Discounts?

You can contact us by using the phone number below or send an email from our Contact Us page.

How do I amend or cancel my booking?

Please send us an email and we will update your booking as necessary. If you’re extending your parking we will contact you if there is an additional charge.