The chairman Robert Hough of Peel Airports, the owner of Durham Tees Valley Airport was recently asked by Gazette Live, if Peel Airports were more interested in the property development opportunities at Durham Tees Valley airport over building the airport.

Robert Hough said “The answer is no. Absolutely no. We acquired our stake in the airport in 2003. We built it from a low number up to 900,000.

It has always been with a view to building passenger numbers and aviation revenues, so the answer is no.

If you look at our other airports, they are both driven by passenger numbers and to some degree at Doncaster by freight and that is the backbone of the airport and that is the opportunity here.

What this airport does have is 800 acres of land. We saw that, and still do, as very much a resource to have symbiotic relationship between the airport and the land.

You can develop the land and that is often airport connected in a way which creates that mutuality of interest.

That is still the case but it was never the intention for an asset play at the expense of aviation.

What we are seeking to do is explain how we see the future and it will be a combination of drivers which enable the airport to have a foundation for growth for the next five years and beyond.”